Nutrition for Kids inspiring healthy habits

Every parent wishes their kid was born a healthy eater, but that’s not always reality. Healthy
Food habits for kids are inspired, encouraged, and empowered by parents. Around the world,
Many children are either dealing with obesity or malnourishment. Children need the right
foods at the right time to grow and develop to their full potential.
What is good nutrition for kids?

A healthy balance plate with protein, carbs, good fats, fibre and probiotics can give children
the necessary nutrition at right age.

  • Carbohydrates, protein & fats
    To keep up your little one active, it is necessary to include carbohydrates, protein and
    fats in their diet. Richest sources include cereals, rice, potato, millets, oats etc. Protein
    helps in the formation of cells and muscle tissues, Milk, eggs, chicken, fish, beans
    and lentils are some good protein sources for your kids. Fats provide energy,
    including good fats help fight infections. Nuts, seeds, eggs, olive oil, fish etc.
    some of good sources of fat.
  • Vitamins & Minerals
    They play a significant role in providing overall nutrition, development of child, formation of
    strong bones and regulate metabolic processes. Vitamins and minerals boost the immune
    system, thereby increasing the fighting ability in children.
  1. MAKE THEM EAT ALL. Offer vegetables and fruits in every meal, make it visually
    appealing. Teach them to “eat the rainbow,” the key to getting all of the wonderful
    nutrients. Kids love to make choice, so why not give kids choices about what they
    eat? let them pick one or two vegetables they like, and have them help you prepare
    their choices in the kitchen. Make sure to offer variety of foods to them, kids not only
    love the junk they also love to eat healthy homemade food. Most kids, if hungry, will
    try to eat you put in front of them.
  2. LETTING GO PROCESSED FOODS. Limit processed foods, many of which have high
    amounts of added sugar and sodium. An occasional cupcake or bag of chips is fine,
    but don’t make it a daily habit. Sweet drinks such as cold drinks, fruit juices attract all
    the kids but are not needed for a healthy body. Offer different homemade snacking
    options like fruit puddings, banana bread, flavoured foxnut, millet cookies, chocolate
    bars with seeds and nuts etc and instead of these packed bottles, encourage your
    child to have homemade beverages, coconut water, fresh juices.
  3. PLAN THEIR BREAKFAST. It is important to get a healthy breakfast done. A breakfast
    combined of proteins, carbs and healthy fats keep your child healthy and full for a
    long period of time.
    Creating a distraction free environment with no screen, a regular mealtime should be
    a screen-free moment which helps your kid to eat properly and crave their hunger,
    most important let your child explore their meal or snack using all 5 senses—seeing,
    smelling, tasting, touching and hearing what they’re eating. Allow your child to serve
    themselves, it helps them learning about serving sizes and how much food is
    appropriate for their own appetite.
    Note-: After deeply understanding your lifestyle, body type and your eating habits, we
    design a diet plan that meets all the nutritional needs of your body. Furthermore, we try to
    understand your kitchen so that the foods mentioned in your diet program are easy to cook
    and practical for you. The best thing about the diet program provided by us is that we help
    you to cure your disease in a healthy and effective way.

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