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Priyanka is an experienced and qualified nutritionist with over 10 years of expertise. She offers personalized lifestyle and online diet consultations to help you attain your health goals. through her comprehensive approach and tailored dietary plans, she plans, she provides lifestyle guidance that empowers you to Make informed choices for a healthier, more balanced life.


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Do you wish to become healthier
but don’t know where to start?

Going to the gym and having an active lifestyle may help but without proper nutrition, all your efforts go in vain! Well, not anymore! We at Indyte have gathered a team of online diet consultation experts with over a decade of experience as diet and nutrition coaches to make you healthier and happier by improving your food choices.


Fertility diet

"Eating a fertility diet with nutrient-rich foods can boost fertility, reduce inflammation, and protect against cell damage. Avoid processed foods, trans fats, and refined carbs. Not a guaranteed solution."


Manage IBS or IBD by avoiding high-FODMAP, dairy, gluten, caffeine, and high-fat foods, staying hydrated, and keeping a food diary. For a tailored online diet consultation and meal plan, seek advice from a physician or nutritionist.

Renal DIET

A renal diet is a specific nutritional plan that people with kidney disease or impaired kidney function follow to manage their condition.

Personalized Nutrition:

At Indyte, we redefine wellness by putting your unique needs at the forefront. Our personalized online diet consultations, meticulously crafted by experienced dietitians, are tailored to your goals, preferences, and body type. We don’t believe in generic diets; hence, we create diets specifically catering to your needs.

Diets For Medical Conditions:

For those going through specific health challenges like PCOD, diabetes, or high blood pressure, Indyte offers specialized diets. These plans are tailored to address your unique nutritional needs, providing targeted support for managing and improving your health.

Everyday Kitchen-Based Diets:

We believe in the power of everyday ingredients. Our diets are designed around items commonly found in your kitchen, making healthy eating practical, accessible, and sustainable. No exotic or expensive items, just wholesome, nutritious food that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Smart Diets

95% of diseases, including diabetes, PCOD, thyroid, fatty liver, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and gut health issues result from poor eating habits. Smart online diet consultation choices can help you fight these diseases.

Health Without Harmful Chemicals:

Experience a diet that prioritizes your well-being. Our kitchen-based approach ensures your meals are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic supplements. We provide safe, effective, and natural solutions for your health journey.

Proper Nutrition

With proper nutrition, you can achieve your health goals in no time. Proper nutrition is about assessing one’s routines, taste, and comfort. Thus, customization of diet becomes essential.

Our Services

We tailor specialized diets to meet unique medical needs, with input from healthcare experts and based on preferences and lifestyles. Our diets improve health and manage chronic conditions.

Weight Management

Re-Shape Your Body With The Best Weight Loss Consultant Online…


Muscle gain and Fat Loss

2. Muscle gain and Fat Loss



Customize Your Diet Plans for PCOS And PCOD With Indyte…



Transform Your Lives With The Best Diabetes Nutritionist at Indyte…


Cardiac Diet

Hearth attack and stroke are very common nowadays…. Nearly half…


Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver


Cholesterol diet

Improve Your Levels with Heart-Healthy Cholesterol Diet Plans From Indyte.…





If they can you can

Creating Custom diet plans for everyone

INDYTE is driven by a passion for helping people, not just for financial gain.


You will thank yourself for entrusting us with your healthcare journey. At INDYTE Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinic , we are not just in the business of providing online diet consultation; we are in the business of making lives better

Let’s embark on this journey together, where your betterment is our reward.

Our Commitment to Your Betterment

At INDYTE, our dedication goes beyond the conventional expectations of a business. We are not merely a service provider; we are advocates for your well-being, driven by a profound passion for making a positive impact on YOUR lives.

More Than a Business

Unlike others, our mission extends beyond financial transactions. We are driven by a genuine desire to see you thrive, to witness the transformative power of a healthier lifestyle, and to be a catalyst for positive change in your life.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. We want you to feel confident that when you choose INDYTE, you choose a partner genuinely invested in your health. Our commitment to transparency extends to our practices, online diet consultation, and communication with you.

Community, Not Just Clients

We see our clients as more than just clients; you are a valued part of our community. The relationships we build extend beyond the walls of our clinic. Your success stories inspire not only us but others in the community, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Our Commitment to Your Betterment

Investing in Your Future:

When you choose INDYTE’s online diet consultation, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in your future well-being. We take this responsibility seriously, and every piece of advice, every personalized plan, and every interaction is a step towards ensuring a healthier, happier tomorrow for you.

Your Success Is Our Success:

Financial gains are incidental; your success is what truly matters to us. The joy we feel when you achieve your health goals is immeasurable. We measure our success by the milestones you reach and the positive transformations you experience.

Choose the best care for Yourself

With over a decade of experience in guiding thousands of individuals to embark on their health journey, our team understands the challenges that prevent individuals from making smart choices about their food. After spending years with clients from different walks of life, we're here to provide valuable diet secrets to help you achieve better nutrition and well-being.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer the best online diet consultation so that you can have a healthy and happy lifestyle through personalized nutrition. We are dedicated to providing customized diet plans from everyday food without using chemical-based, synthetic products.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world where every individual understands the benefits of proper nutrition and how it contributes to a healthy lifestyle. We aim to become top educators of nutritional science by regularly innovating new meals that cater to individuals with different needs.

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