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Does your stomach takes time to get clear in the morning..?

Do you often pass hard stools..?

Do you feel bloated or heaviness..?

Then it must be Constipation

Not passing stools for atleast thrice or less in a week can be catogerised as constipation. For some people it is common and for others it can be chronic.

Constipation can affect every age group.

Clients come to me for the help with weight loss, and for dietary advice, only when I ask questions about “the intestines” then only people start to bring up their struggles with constipation.

It is not a problem and can be easily fix by making some modifications in diet and lifestyle.

What causes constipation??

• Changes to what one eats or the activities

• Changes to the daily routine, such as traveling

• Not drinking enough water

• Not eating enough fibre

• Eating a lot of dairy products

• Not being active

• Ignoring the urge to poop

• Stress

• Older age

• Using a lot of laxatives

• Consumption of certain medicines like painkillers for long run and iron tablets, diuretics

• Hormonal changes

What should you eat, if constipated??

A proper amount of fibre and water plays an important role to ease the problem of constipation.


Dietary fibre is important in diet as it add bulk to the stool making it easier to evacuate.

Fibre such as-

• Whole grains, legumes, and lentils, fruits, and vegetables etc


Drinking water and other liquids, such as naturally sweetened fruit and vegetable juices and clear soups, to help the fibre work better. It can make the stools softer and easier to pass.


Probiotics like curd and sauerkraut may also relieve constipation.

What to avoid if constipated??

To help prevent or relieve constipation, avoid foods that does not contain fibre, such as

• Chips

• Fast food

• Meat/poultary

• Prepared foods, such as some frozen meals and snack foods

• Processed foods

Importance of exercise during constipation

Exercises like running, jogging, dancing, swimming may ease the constipation. These exercises helps the body to keep the digrstive tract healthy and ease the constipation.

NOTE– Laxatives may help once to ease with the constipation, but for the long run they may have side effects. They can make the body dependant on them which is not a good sign. Always tend to modify your diet and lifestyle to get permanent result.

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